Dr. Diet Plan

I know I’ve written about this at least once before, but it happened to me again yesterday, so going to rage write it again in ALL CAPS FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK IF THE ROOM. Not really. The people who need to hear this are likely not in the room. So, people in the … Continue reading Dr. Diet Plan

Seasons of Change

Bruised knee, 1; Jyl, 0. Such an odd holiday season this year! I had some time alone while Rich and the kids were out to dinner with his mother - and while it was truly only a few hours, I think because it was Christmas Eve and not our typical 'pre-Christmas night,' the idea of … Continue reading Seasons of Change

How’d I get here? After

The continuation of https://wordpress.com/post/whichwaysup.blog/1522 This is the second half of a long story. The one that answers, as well as we can, the tough question that comes from my mother periodically - the question we wish we didn't have to answer because it would be so much easier if we had a better answer - … Continue reading How’d I get here? After