You might be OCD if….

Just a few hours left until Spring Break 2011!!!!!!!!!

As my niece would say, “Womp!”

I don’t know what that means.

If you know me at all you know that planning for a trip involves me taking on the task of packing well in advance. I don’t mean a few days. I don’t mean a few weeks. I mean, a good month for a full feeling of comfortableness.

I like to pack and unpack. I like to check the weight of my suitcase. I like to see how much I can stuff into a two-gallon Ziploc because a suitcase packed with large Ziplocs is ransack proof – especially if you’re the gal who constantly gets her stuff checked by the TSA.

Now – we’ve all determined that the last six weeks or so of my life have been a bit hectic. So, it should come as no surprise that I hadn’t packed last month for this month’s trip.

Actually, that SHOULD come as a surprise. There’s always time to lay out clothes, make spreadsheets and review mental checklists.

But, I have my new pseudo-roommate for six weeks – and her room is the Where-I-Lay-Out-My-Clothes Room. Can’t do it in my own room – because that’s the dog’s If-You-Lay-Out-Your-Clothes-Here-I-Will-Lay-On-Them room.
Okay, I’ll stop the suspense.

I packed on Sunday. For my Saturday trip. Womp! That’s some kind of record! Wednesday, I unpacked and repacked. Thursday, I took out a few things. Tonight, I’m going to switch out some shoes. And maybe a few other things.

There is no doubt I have too many things in the suitcase. But, I blame the weird weather here on the East Coast for my doubting I’ll get any consistency on the West Coast. Plus, if I run into Prince Charming and he wants me to stay, it’s important to have four extra pairs of everything.

Shoes. Pah. The reality is tonight will be the most serious run though.. The one where I decide on carry on options. The one where I convince myself that I really can’t read two whole books on the plane ride to Burbank and therefore only need to carry on one. The one where I convince myself that there will be nourishment available to me at the airports – that I don’t need to bring a pound of M&M’s or Twizzlers or bananas or apples. The one where I talk myself out of putting just one more something in the suitcase because, if I sit on it, it will fit.

I will try to get this all done fairly early so that I can get in bed at a decent hour in order to spend the whole night wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep.

California – here I come. With all my craziness.

What? You noticed that I mentioned a roommate earlier? Yes, at the ripe age of (still can’t say it) I thought I’d invite a med-student and her pets into the fold. Don’t worry MD2B…I’m about to talk about you in a good way.

My buddy is doing her rotations – the current of which is at the hospital two miles down the street. So when she was having a moment of panic, I came to the rescue and offered up the spare room at Casa Mucho Perro Piel.

I forgot, however, exactly how long I’ve lived alone. Or that there might be a slight adjustment to the urge to talk to myself.

It’s going well though – really – she’s as quiet as a mouse and is doing much better at really, really, really explaining her day. Like with smaller, less medical oriented words.

The real killer was on Tuesday when she made me eat a whole plate of zucchini and squash. Lived to tell the story. Proud of myself. Not sure I’ll come running to the table next time – but thrilled to have someone cooking for me.

Right of the bat I got caught walking around half-naked – there’s a habit I have curtailed. Actually, I haven’t because if she’s going to be a doctor, she’s probably seen half-naked people before.

And yesterday when I caught her on the back porch sound asleep in the sunshine with her How to be a Doctor book next to her I thought…”Okay, now Med School seems pretty cool.”

Her dog and cat are staying with us as well – Cody & Mojito. Cody is the only dog I’ve ever met who is afraid to go outside during daylight hours.

Cody also used to have a favorite person…his mother. And while I can’t say for sure if his loyalties are shifting, I’m just saying…well here’s a picture from last night after I’d left for a few hours to play tennis. I mean, clearly he missed me.

Fine – before you point it out, I do realize my own dog is no where near me at this point.

But that’s only because she was probably upstairs trying to make a bed out of the well packed items in the suitcase.

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