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While writing is my passion, adventure is my fuel.

Why Travel?

Honestly, if you’d asked me that prior to my thirties, I would have answered, “Um, yeah, why? Why leave the comfort of your own home where you know exactly where to find the silverware? Why put the boundaries of your town behind you and step into lands where nobody knows you?

Then, as I entered my thirties, my parents invited me on a ten-night Oceania Cruise from Rome to Barcelona and I said “Yes! Of course, I’ll come along!” Did I have a choice, really? The trip was life-changing. Sure, it started with a long flight to Italy on which I was the only person awake, swelled with anxiety, but … once I leaned into the adventure of it all … life-changing.

The moment I was back in the comfort of my home, I was ready to start another adventure. And I would with additional invites from my parents (cruises that covered Stockholm to London and Istanbul to ??). Later, after gaining an insta-family, we dove into RV adventures deep into Canada and as far south as Key West. I eventually talked my clan into a cruise and they, too, were instantly sold.

It wasn’t until I walked the roads of history (real history, not the US version that is just a few hundred years old), mingled among foreign languages, and rubbed shoulders with other explorers that I truly fell in love with travel.

Travel opens a window to the world, allowing one to step through the glass and become fully immersed. We often reference travel in terms of “getting away from our daily lives” but those willing to explore often find that true adventure enables them to learn more about themselves, even reshaping their own daily lives and stories.

Why work in Travel?

Well, I love to travel, for one.

I know that many people think that luxury travel is out of their budget and I aim to prove them wrong. Resort travel is feasible for most and engaging a travel agent is the most streamlined way to create a perfect vacation.

Also, as a mom and a wife, I know that vacations are often not the relaxing dream that many “house managers” expect. Even while away from home, we are often saddled with meal prep or scheduling, entertainment options, etc. My goal is to offer turnkey trips in which all participants can truly disengage from everyday life.

Why work with a Travel Agent?

Anytime you can engage a real person to positively assist on a large project is a win.

Vacations? Those are large projects. Even a weekend away can involve a bit of juggling.

Engaging a travel agent gives you an advocate with a firm knowledge of the business. Travel Agents also have the wizardry to create cost-saving packages that those outside the industry often aren’t aware of.

Oh, and that bottom line. The bottom line? It doesn’t change. Travel Agents cost the consumer nothing as we serve as contractors for endless adventure vendors.

Whether it’s a cruise, an all-inclusive, or a trip down the Nile … we are here to help YOU make the best memories ever.

Let’s start your adventure today! Grab my contact information or send me a note at!

No, don’t panic … I’m just competitive.

While I can create amazing vacations at the Disney properties, on a long list of cruise ships, at several all-inclusive resorts, or via a client specific list of dreams … the road to certifications is not a requirement. These are a few of many that I’ve participated in so that I could hang something on the fridge.

Apple Leisure Group Vacations

ALGV Pro Certification

College of Disney

Adventures by Disney

Discovering Disney Cruiselines

Enchanting Aulani

Exploring Walt Disney World

Uncovering the Magic of Disneyland Resort

Marriott International

Hotel Excellence! Certified

Norwegian Cruiseline

NCL Master’s Certification

Royal Caribbean Cruiseline

Bachelor’s Certification

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