Universal Studios: FAMbulous. Also, ouch.

Yes, I know–I got to spend a week at Universal Studios taking behind-the-scenes tours of facilities, riding rides, and eating the best of park food. Now that I’ve completely lost your sympathy, let me explain what a FAM experience actually entails.

To Travel (Agent) or Not To Travel (Agent)

“Wait, so you’re, like, a real travel agent?” Often, when I hear this, I wonder if what I feel isn't exactly how Pinocchio felt when questioned about his real boy-ness. “Yes,” I want to respond, “According to all the hotel chains, I am real. According to all the cruise lines, I am real. According to … Continue reading To Travel (Agent) or Not To Travel (Agent)

(Ab)Normal Traditions.

It looks like the surrounding neighborhoods spent much of 2020 designing new layouts for their Christmas lights. Ours...are not quite up yet. Rich is holding firm to not lighting the house until the third-ish week of December. And, in a who are you? twist, our Fall/Thanksgiving decor still adorns the mantle, flag pole, and front … Continue reading (Ab)Normal Traditions.