Is Over-Packing really a thing?

I kept meaning to take pictures of all the piles of clothes laying around my house right now – but then when I get motivated to do so…I get a little camera shy.

I’m knee deep in getting ready for the big trip north.

It’s almost Amy & John’s Wedding Week! 

Here’s a list of what I’ve got out so far – see if you can guess how long I’ll be gone:
Six Dresses
Four pairs of Capris
Four pairs of Shorts
Two more pairs of Shorts (the kind I can go for a walk in if I feel excercise-ful)
One pair of Shorts (the kind you like to lay around the house in after you ate too much)
Four T Shirts
Three ‘nicer’ Shirts
Swimsuit (no, there isn’t a pool.  But it’s good to be prepared)
Three Tank Tops
Two Tank Tops (the kind you wear under other tank tops)
Black Sandals
Brown Sandals
Brown Sandals (these are more casual)
Sneakers (the kind I’d wear out and about but not for above walks)
Flip Flops
Black Flats
Two Cardigans
12 pack of Diet Dr Pepper
Dog Food
Dog Bed
Dog Crate
Dog Blanket
Pillow for me
Blow Dryer, Straightener, etc.
Presents for people I meet along the way

Okay, that’s it so far.  Did you guess how long I’ll be gone? 

Ten Days. 

Now – when I type out the list and say ‘ten days’, I feel like it’s fine – when I look at the piles in my guest room, I start thinking how in the world I’m going to convince the beagle to ride on the roof.

Men pack differently than women.  I’m told.

For ten days, I imagine a dude would bring:
One pair of shorts
Five pairs of socks
Three T Shirts
One button down
Five pairs of undies that he will just turn inside out for extended wear.

Ironically – this is probably more than I’ll be taking on my three week trip at the end of the summer over to the Baltic Sea…but nobody knows me there.  They can just imagine that I usually wear the same pair of pants five days in a row – and I won’t care.

I can hardly believe I’m two days away from hitting 95 North!  Although, not surprised.  The day I met John…I knew…Amy was had. 

Which means I should probably start paring down the packing piles into something that will actually fit into my car, allow me to see out the windows AND not explode out when the doors are opened.  But, as a woman…I think it’s perfectly fine to bring along as much of your closet as possible.  It’s about options.

Much like my dating life.
Not.  Not like that at all.

Just last Saturday night I had a closet episode.  I was getting ready for a picnic with friends (people who already know me…who I don’t have to impress) and I went through about TEN outfits before I settled on the first one.  Nothing felt right. 

Imagine if I were 8 hours from my closet when that happened.  Disastrous. 

So tonight…I will walk by the piles again…satisfied that no snow has formed at the high altitudes they are now reaching.

And tomorrow, I will squeeze it all into suitcases while secretly hoping there is still room for more.

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