64. Is too many.

Well, it’s end of quarter here in the world of virtual storage – which has meant a lot of early mornings and late nights. 

Early mornings – in that I actually have to start concentrating the second I sit in my chair instead of after at least one cup of goodness.

Late nights – in that I have a tendency to lay in bed at night making a mental list of the next day’s potential situations.  All of which involve a Sales Rep Catastrophe.

On the flip side, there is occasionally time between the “Hurry Up and Wait” patterns during which I can catch up on some important perusing.  I worked my way through ads from Lowe’s, Food Lion, Kroger and CVS before I came across this (in the Ulta Ad):

Now, mind you, Ulta is one of my FAVORITE stores.  If only for the reason that men are petrified to enter.  It’s stocked full of girl-stuff in a bright inviting environment. 

It has the potential to turn even the most non-make-up-wearing person into a diva with all it’s colors and smells and sales.

It’s a store that blurs the line between needs and wants with the ding-ding of the door opening.

Here’s what happens when I get my Ulta Flyer.  I quickly look to see what the coupon is (it’s either 20% off or $3.50 off).  And then I settle down to go through it page by page by page…while my voice of reason takes a little time off.

In this week’s flyer?  For only $14.99, a 92-Piece Blockbuster!  WHAT????  92 Pieces????  For $14.99?  Next thing you know, BP will have resolved their issue in the Gulf, Prince William will finally be engaged and the Tour de France will be a clean race.

But then I saw the fine print.  In this 92-Piece mecca of makeup…64 of those pieces…are eyeshadows.  Deflation.

Do you know how many eyeshadows are too many?  Anything beyond three. Every girl knows that you need a highlighter for your brow, a darker color for the lid and a defining color for the parts in between. 

64?  Come on.  What time yesterday do you think I was born, Ulta?

Moving onto the lip colors…well, there are 22 choices.  Hmmm…interesting (need/want, need/want).  The thing is, when I find a lip shade I like, I take it everywhere.  So I can’t imagine hauling around all 22 choices without buying a Baby Bjorn.  

PS – no one calls it a lip shade.  It’s just gloss.  As in, “Can I borrow your gloss?” or “Do you need any gloss?”  You’ve probably already noted that this kit includes one lip gloss.  Which is just enough.

And one pressed powder. 

Is that like pressed ham?  I think pressed powder stopped being acceptable a decade ago when Bare Minerals invented, well, mineral make up.  So, fail again, Ulta.

Four Cheek Colors….here we go…now we’re making progress.  I actually don’t wear blush of any sort – so I have no leg to stand on in this area.  My cheek color is that of a sun kissed Carolina day. 

Well, dang – this 92-Piece Blockbuster suddenly seems like maybe it’s not such a great deal.  Plus, it looks like it might take up a lot of room in my purse.

Fear not though…I flipped the page and found a seven pack of nail polish.

Now we’re talking.

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