Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – unless you want to.

Oh, I’ve been a-strugglin this week with what to write about – urgh. Sometimes it’s hard.

I would like to, for instance, spend mucho time bemoaning my work schedule for the next week. But I feel like I might be the only one entertained.

Or I could give you the run down on the presents now safely packed on my sleigh (despite a certain beagle eyeing me up should I decide to let someone open one early).

There’s always the weather. The cold, cold arctic weather. But, ironically – here on the second day of winter, it is 50 degrees…our first break of the year. It’ll be short-lived – there’s a storm brewing for the weekend.

Wanted to keep it kind of light – but I think I may have to go around my elbow to get there.


I read something today that made me think bad thoughts (not dirty thoughts – I said ‘bad’ – like vengeful).

Now let me start this by saying, I’m not gay. I’m straight up straight. I have friends who are gay – close friends. I’m sure some of you remember two years ago when I even had the joy of marrying two of my friends in one amazing ceremony.

So, watching the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been kind of cool. I’ve never really understood the ‘big’ deal – but imagined it was much like the old days when only white men were allowed to join the armed forces. In other words…ignorance…

We’re going to take a test now. I want to you to look very carefully at this photo:

And before I ask the test question – take a minute to say a big thank-you to each of these soldiers.
They deserve that respect more than anything in the world.

Now, looking at this photo, can you tell which of these coffins holds the body of a gay soldier?
Because all I see is the sacrifice of several people who volunteered to give their life to protect our freedoms.
I live in the bible belt. You can’t spit around here without hitting a church and fifty percent of the time it’ll be Baptist. The local lack of backlash over this repeal has been refreshing. Or maybe I’m wearing my star-spangled-banner-colored glasses again. Or maybe it’s because this is a military-heavy area and people understand the trials and tribulations of living this life.
I also think I have a better personality than a lot of people. I know how that sounded. And I meant it. Because I can’t think of an appropriate way to put it.
If I say I’m more tolerant than others – it implies that there is something to tolerate – and I never feel that way when I’m hanging out with my gay friends.
If I say I’m more accepting than others – no, that’s not it either. I don’t go around looking for degenerates to ‘accept.’ I just know I like having friends. And don’t really care what they look like, where they come from or who they’re sleeping with.
Right, moving on. So, this is what I read today via a Facebook Post linked to an article about the repeal,
“How sad that in this day we give extra protection, rights, & accommodations to what God calls sin. It is not fear, hate, or ignorant to stand up for what God defines as right and wrong.”
Well, I about fell out.
I haven’t decided yet on the future ‘friend’ status of this person – proving that my tolerance level is actually quite low.
Let me pick through this though and try to make sense of it.
“How Sad” – nope, not sad. Happy. Proud. Allowing people who want to fight for our country into the military.
“We give extra protections, rights and accommodations…” Um. Huh? Replacing the protections, rights and accommodations that we’ve taken away is not the same thing as giving extra. Let me break it down. We each have one apple. Some random person takes yours away. Later, I find another apple and give it two you. I haven’t given you extra, I’ve just evened us up. See…you had none. Now you have one. Which is what I have. It’s not extra.
And what extra protections are being given? I really do ask that out of pure stupidity. Will the gay military population get special armor? I mean, I’m guessing we aren’t offering special shirts to let the enemy know who should get special treatment in case of a suicide drive by.
“…to what God calls sin” I can only assume the same feelings stir up every time a child molester or convicted murderer gets to stroll on back to the streets. Because I have a much bigger problem with repeat offenders than I do with gays in the military. I’m just saying. On one hand, we have a guy/gal who is willing to give their life for our country. On the other, we have a guy/gal who, having gotten bored with a current adulterous relationship, is moving towards your partner. Or what about the perpetual drunk driver who has already served time for involuntary manslaughter, yet is back behind the wheel after a fifth? Guess who I think should get ‘special’ treatment.
Just to clarify – God and I are very much on speaking terms again. There is no lightning predicted above my head today. You know who is tolerant? God.
“It is not fear, hate, or ignorant to stand up for what God defines as right and wrong.” I agree. I also believe it is kosher to stand up for what YOU define as right and wrong – and maybe not hide behind your religion. Admit it’s your own intolerance and I might have more respect for you.
(I might have just thrown out my temple vein.)
The bottom line – as I see it – is, it’s a small world after all. Can’t we all just get along?
There are some pretty big issues floating around the universe right now.
There’s that whole global warming issue.
And there’s that thing where we are absolutely destroying the planet we live on with each trash heap of K-Cups and retired cell phones.
Then there’s that problem where our children aren’t getting educated enough to keep up with the rest of the world.
There’s that thing where people have gotten so poor they have to turn in their pets to the shelter because they can no longer feed them.
So maybe spend less time worrying about who is out there protecting you. Maybe just nod, smile, say ‘thank you’ and move onto something bigger.

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