Shower Weekend…Take Two

I’m only slightly more awake today than yesterday.  I started out really well…but as the day crept on, the tiredness crept in…
Then, as punishment for the weekend imbibing, I did the 30 minute express workout at the gym at lunch.  This basically means, “In 30 Minutes…You’ll Want to Puke.”  But, in my head…it also means that those 30 minutes undid any damage that the various cheese steaks, wings, beers, burgers, cakes and pretzels did to my funny areas.

Today’s episode is about the actual shower itself.  I really can’t tell you the last time I went to an honest-to-God-ladies-only-Bridal-Shower.  I have always managed to be out of town or rundown with sick-o-shower-anemia.  Obviously, I couldn’t miss this one (especially since the whole surprise trip was planned around it).

Amy’s sister, Jenn – did a KICK ASS job on this shower.  I never, ever, ever want to be in charge of any shower ever because I will constantly compare it back to this one.

This cake was delicious –
although we had to drive to Lancaster to get it. 
It was a beautiful drive through Amish County. 
Except I had a lot of coffee prior to leaving.
And the party favors – little Yankee Candles! 
This is when it pays not to have any dudes at the party – they would have zero appreciation for these tiny gems of deliciousness.
And yes, I did take two. 
There were spares, I swear.

Here’s the Table-of-the-Shower.  This is Michelle, Mimi, Drea, Kathy, Tara and Denise.  I haven’t spend much, if any, time with any of these gals – but as soon as we all sat down…we pretty much forgot entirely about why we were there and went into full silly story mode. 

It was a perfect example of how a handful of strangers can get together and become close buddies in a matter of minutes.  Well, if they are of the female origin, anyway. 
That’s Amy’s sister and her…digging through the card box.  Who knew this was something you even needed?  Oh yes, my friends, not only for the shower, but evidently there has to be another contraption of sorts for the actual wedding where people can safely leave cards.  It could be a bird cage or a lantern or an over-priced over-sized yet occasion specific tissue box. 
And then there’s this…
Here’s my question…what’s with the hat?
I didn’t want to say anything, and maybe it’s a Southern thing…
but at the showers I have gone to…
the bows were made into a bouquet to carry on rehearsal night.
Which seems less awkward.
All in all, the day was a resounding success.  Even the scrap booking went off perfectly.  Oh, wait, you wouldn’t know about that as it was on the non-topicable list.  Yeah…so like a total idiot, I volunteer to be in charge of the scrapbook we’d all make for Amy.
Here’s the thing.  I’m crafty (I got the moves).  I love Micheal’s.  I love AC Moore.  I love glue.  I do not love realizing that there are *count-em* SIX aisles of scrap booking materials to choose from at any craft store.  Or that there are Scrap Cults and Clubs and Posses.  I literally started sweating every time I had to go back to exchange anything (and pretty much everything) because, of course, I couldn’t buy the right stuff the first time around.
The really kicker of all of that?  It’s actually a pretty cute little book we made.  Damn.
I know someday I’m going to make a fantastic bride.  I’m not one of those gals who is shy about the spotlight pointing directly toward me.  Presents?  Bring them on…I have no trouble sitting with a big pile of wrapping paper while everyone else yawns and wonders when it’ll be over.  But if you look at this GINORMOUS grin on Amy’s face…I gotta tell you…she may be giving me a run for the money. 

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