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Another sign of spring? A flurry of feathery friends.  Last Friday, when I came home from work I put up the annual bird/squirrel feeder.  I actually spent money on a nice one this year (thank you Black Friday) – so much so that I wanted it in view from, well my couch.  The trick is to place it in view, yet far enough away from the porch railings so that only the birds can get to it. 

For four years, we lived blissfully squirrel free.  Last year, one bully of a rodent took down Finch Feeder after Finch Feeder.  I eventually bought a squirt gun and would try to drown him in the act…hopefully he’ll keep that in mind if he is waivering on a return to Casa Juanson.

By Saturday, things were kicking out there – all sorts of birds were doing drive-bys to check out this year’s menu.  On Sunday, I filled the bird bath.  I hung out tiny towels and mini-shampoos and lavender soaps for my feathered friends. 

And yesterday – I knew I had some takers.

Before we get to the proof – let me explain the transience of my Blue Bird House.  For years, I had it hanging at the end of my privacy fence – as per directions – ‘away from activity, high off the ground…’.  And each year, it was ignored.  A year or so ago, I took it down, frustrated of the constant reminder that MY rental wasn’t good enough. 

I left it sitting on the porch rail as a reminder to take it to the trash.  And about three seconds later, a Blue Bird moved in.  In the most active, close to the ground spot available.  That first season, I had two rounds of baby Blue Birds.  Last year, it was three (although, sadly, the previously mentioned squirrel ate the first batch of eggs.  Barbarian….he didn’t even have any toast.).

I was kind of nervous this year as one of my neighbor’s went out and bought an actual apartment building for the Blue Birds.  It’s got approximately 38 rooms, stands 20 feet off the ground, is white and pretty – hell, I want to move in.
But, yippee!!  I peaked in the improperly located house last night – and sure enough, someone’s already working on a next.  It’s just a start, but I imagine if I check again tonight, it will be about finished.
Now onto casa numero dos…as expected…I have another totally inappropriately placed bird house on the market – and there may be some takers.
This house was, again, up on a four-by-four for two years – perfectly placed per the housing authority.  No takers.  Over the winter, the bottom sort of collapsed up into it.
So I pulled it off the four-by-four and put it in a ‘this-is-just-for-decoration spot.’  And noticed this weekend that there was a small pile of pine straw below it.  Hmmmmm. 

Remember, the bottom is gone.  I’m sure that wasn’t disappointing at all for the birds trying to make a nest.  Flying in over and over with pine straw and goose feathers…dropping them in and watching them hit the deck below….wtf?

I dug up some old tiles to set underneath it – thus making an adobe style bird house…for any Mexican American Blue Birds that want to live on my back porch illegally while they wait for universal heathcare to kick in.

I’m not sure if this house will take – but it does look cute…and at the very least it may draw the rodent away from the ‘real’ one.

And it is a prime location, the bath is just across the deck.

Here’s the development – currently just two properties available, sitting back to back. 
Great lakeside views. 
Guard Cat Service at no extra charge. 
Little lady will check on your babies frequently,
but promises never to touch them.

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