Is it time for Midnight Madness?

Know what I’m doing right now? 

First off, it’s Friday night.  It’s the second week in March.

A week before March Madness starts, to be precise. 

Well, to be fair…it’s a pretty normal activity for a Friday night…and almost normal for the second week in March a week before March Madness starts – in that I’m on the couch with the tv on.  But, here’s where things get a little off kilter:

See the problem? 
Do you know who these people are?
Do you know who they aren’t?
Here, I’ll give you a hint:

Now, before I get too far into this – yes, my State friends…my Duke friends, well…I guess anyone who has a team still playing…gloat away…I can handle it.  I swear.  (I just took another shot of airball juice).

Those ladies?  Well, they are the Real Housewives of Orange County.  And they are on my tv right now reminiscing about the just completed season.  I’m also reminiscing…to another season altogether.

I hope Roy doesn’t dig out his piece of last year’s championship net and hang himself with it.

Before I became a Southerner (note to the incoming…you have to live here a full ten years before you get your Southerner card – you have to love grits, understand that ‘barbecue’ is a noun, try chitlins at least once, follow a Nascar driver, call it the ‘beach’ instead of the ‘shore’, throw away all snow removal tools, sweaters and boots, stop at the white line instead of a car length over it and be willing to make friends with everyone you stand in line with at Walmart), I liked the Tarheels. 

But, living in Pennsylvania, liking the Tarheels was miniscule.  It wasn’t until I moved here to heart of college basketball that I really understood it.  And possibly developed an unhealthy obsession. Here, the seasons aren’t Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – here it’s Recruiting, Midnight Madness, Random Games, ACC Matchups and the Big Dance.

And for ten years, I’ve been able to depend on my Tarheels to carry me through March. And yet, here I sit, learning that other people had tough seasons as well.  Did you know that Vicki and Don almost got divorced last year?  Or that Lynn’s husband forgot to tell her that they were out of  money but remembered later when they were evicted?

Usually, when UNC wraps up its season, I wallow from devastation to depression to impatience for the next year. I’m like an addict with nothing to bank on for months…don’t get me wrong – this happens even when we win the whole show – I just can’t take the end.

Tonight, I’m still trying to come up with the key to the lock that will let out our team’s greatness. Thankfully, Coach Williams hasn’t called yet for my advice, because I’m at a loss.  All I can really hope for is that during the off season…most of the team will study the endless list of records they broke (games lost, points lost by, baskets missed, games where noone came to play) and  maybe realize they weren’t aiming for the right record book.  Which makes sense, since they generally weren’t aiming for the right basket either.

I never thought I’d feel actual relief to have the Heels finish early. Sure, I’ll continue pulling for our other local teams.  Not all at once – I do have a ranking system for who I like 2nd best, 3rd best etc., in the ACC.  Currently, State has moved to cheering range. Dook…we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for next year? Well, I can’t wait for it to get started. After Roy takes a break – and I hope he does…I mean, if I’m frustrated, I can only imagine how he feels…this is probably the first time he’s spent a Friday night watching Bravo, too.

My only idea so far:

There’s fire in that little lady’s eyes!

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