Mother’s Day Review

Preamble: I did get a late start on this blog, so apologies for any unseen typos. I got a late start because I had to empty the dishwasher. More on that later. I’m almost positive that last year I pledged in this very forum to switch up Mother’s Day this year. Or maybe the forgotten … Continue reading Mother’s Day Review

It’s fine. I’ll be fine.

Excerpt #237 from Life as a Stepmom (or second wife?). Do you ever jaunt through life thinking everybody probably looks at you with total wonder and awe...only to be brought back with a slap upon hearing that one (or two) of those everybody’s is taking shots at you? Yes? Okay, then you have a good … Continue reading It’s fine. I’ll be fine.

Had I known (I’d do it all again)

Don't worry, next week I'll be at should be lighter fare. In the meantime... I started another Step-momming book a few weeks ago and, I've got to say, one chapter in and I felt like I could have written it. Several lines jumped off the page at me - but one particularly - a … Continue reading Had I known (I’d do it all again)