The Meandering Homestead

Do you know what day it is? Do you know? Okay, well, did you know what day it was five days ago? It was Whine & Wine Wednesday!

Last month on Whine & Wine, we talked about The Meandering Career Path and how having a single job at the same company for the entirety of one’s life is incredibly rare (and possibly not recommended).

This month, we tapped into another potential zig-zag of a challenge in our homes, literally. This month, we talk about what it was like to point our entire HOME to a new location.

Yes, a fresh start sounds wonderful but, by GAWD, it is terrifying.

My co-host, Kathy, and I have both been on the UHaul end of one of those “maybe I’ll just start over in a land far, far away” decisions. We thought it would be interesting to compare what we learned along the way and how we handled those dark, confusing, and lonely treks.

Spoiler alert: This episode was to include our first guest!
Spoiler alert number two: Sometimes life takes a left turn in real-time.

Key thoughts?

  • Have a plan prior to packing. Are there clubs or organizations that interest you? The answer is yes. With today’s technology, you don’t even have to work too hard to find them. Join, inquire, get on their radar … just do something prior to saying “So long!” to your old life. You may think you’re the bravest person in the world but landing in a new environment creates lonely times.
  • If you are opting for temporary housing until you can get on your feet–put an end-date on that. It’s absolutely fine to settle in with someone familiar, but know when you want to be on your own feet and where those feet will be living and stick to that goal.
  • As you settle in, take the road less traveled and do it without the benefit of your GPS. Really. The quickest way to feel comfortable in your new environment is to get lost in it. When you do get lost? Ask for help. Yes, ask someone in a store or in a restaurant or at the gas station. Just ask in person, and leave that phone tucked away. You will find most people are actually quite helpful and welcoming to their town’s newest resident.
  • Leave. Leave a lot. Whether it’s a condo, an apartment, a home, a boat … leave. We have so many avoidance techniques at our fingertips. Put them all away and get yourself out in public. It may seem much more appealing to spend days on the couch catching up on Gilmore Girls but now is not the time to wallow under a blanket.
  • Embrace the Suck. This is true in many aspects of life, but especially in starting a new life. It will suck. You will cry. You will feel lonely. You will feel like you will never be happy again. Embrace it all as, eventually, those feelings will be things of the past replaced by well-earned pride and accomplishment. 
  • You are not alone. Mingle. Start a conversation. Really. Standing in the Target checkout line? Make small talk. Eating dinner alone at Chili’s? Engage your server. Amazon delivering for the tenth time that day? Step out onto the porch and say “Hello.” The majority of people you will cross paths with on any given day were new to the area at one point. Your area. Be brave and learn their story. It will help make yours a bit more palatable.
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