Pimp My Prose

Have I been absolutely religious in posting a new blog, every Monday, for over half a decade?


Have there been weeks when I felt void of words and whipped something out anyway?


Could I have taken a week off, here or there, perhaps with few followers even noticing? 


I mean, no. 

As the great Ava Coleman so brilliantly stated, “My followers aren’t going to influence themselves.” 

Truer words were never spoken. Without my weekly epiphanies, how would those nearly five dozen followers be lifted up? 

Alas. This is the week I go on a small break. 


Because my dang book finally hit the market by, what we in the biz call, going live. It turns out books are just like restaurants or retail stores with their soft and hard launches. My book? It’s having a soft launch moment courtesy of Atmosphere Press and Amazon. It’s sort of like dropping an album at the lowest of volume. 

If you enjoy my writing, hit that Buy My Book tab and pick up a copy. 

If you don’t enjoy my writing, hit that Buy My Book tab, pick up a copy, and use it as a coaster or a last-minute gift or kindling or to make a table less wobbly.

Thank you so much for your support!

Buy, Read, and Review! 

Especially review. I’ll even supply a few blurbs in case you’d rather not provide your own prose while pimping mine:

  • This book is hilarious and also informative and I wish I could have coffee with this writer.
  • Finally, a book that realistically touches on what it’s like to be a (step)mom.
  • In a world where the majority of marriages involve blended families, it’s about time someone wrote a useful book rather than mumbo-jumbo about unicorns and rainbows.
  • I’d pay twice for this kind of reassurance that there are worse parents than me.

This book was a three-year writing journey based on a ten-year life journey.

I cannot thank you enough for taking it with me.

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