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Literary Titan: Five-Star Review; Gold Award
★★★★★ What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting

APR 24 Posted by Literary Titan

What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting: Parenting Tales from the Most Unqualified (Step) Mom Ever is a delightful and heartwarming guide to navigating the challenges and joys of being a stepmother. Jyl CJ Barlow offers a candid and entertaining account of her experiences raising two children from her husband’s previous marriage after living a relatively child-free, single life.

The book is organized into alternating chapters of heartfelt advice and personal stories, which are infused with humor and emotion. Barlow’s unapologetic honesty about the imperfect moments and her own shortcomings is refreshing, and she provides much-needed support for women in similar situations. Despite the book’s brutal honesty, which some may find a bit unnerving, Barlow’s openness and authenticity create a sense of normalcy around stepmotherhood.

The importance of certain points in the book is emphasized through repetition, and using italics, bullet points, and brackets adds a playful element to the writing. Personally, I found the chapters in which Barlow shared her personal experiences to be the most compelling. Her ability to create an intimate connection with the reader and her family through storytelling is a testament to her skill as a writer. In addition, Barlow’s writing style is comfortable and friendly, making the reader feel like they are old friends catching up on life. This approach allows readers to feel like the advice is genuine and not stock phrases you find in other parenting self-help books.

What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting is a must-read memoir for anyone who is part of a blended family. I highly recommend it to current and future stepmothers and anyone with a stepmother in the family. This book is a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of stepfamily dynamics with humor, heart, and authenticity.”

Pages: 312 | ASIN : B0BTR5CWFT

Joslynn Flowers, The Daily Stepmom; Stepmom Collective; Certified Stepparent Coach

“I had the pleasure of reading this hilarious accurate book written by Jyl!

When I tell you that parts of it were like she was writing from my experience I felt seen. Jyl makes you feel like you’re old friends chatting about the daily struggles of a stepmom’s life. Look, no stepmom book will fix your problems but it’s nice to read similar stories and know that you aren’t crazy and someone else gets you!”

– Joslynn