I had to raise my voice at work today. It’s been seven hours since I had to be quite firm on a conference call and, yes, I still feel bad. Bad? Guilty. Annoyed. Nervous. All of the above. (Also, do we still call them conference calls? Or do we just go by Zooms now? I … Continue reading UnHERnged

The Business of Comfort

I am writing from something that you would more likely expect to see in the control center at SpaceX than in the sticks of central Virginia.  This newly built office getup, in which I now live, has more controls and options and comfort than I even knew was possible.  What?  I shouldn’t be finishing my … Continue reading The Business of Comfort

Flatten the Curve. No, the other one.

March 11th. This was the approximate day the work-from-home workforce was sent into action. Employees across America sent scurrying on a backwards commute, carrying their monitors, keyboards, and mice under one arm - empty lunch box under the other. It was exciting! A whole new world! No more ironed shirts, travel mugs or lanyards showing … Continue reading Flatten the Curve. No, the other one.