Grateful: Five Things

I remember sitting at my kitchen table after school, a bowl of Spaghetti O’s in front of me, enthralled as Oprah challenged her audience with a regular round-up of the good things that happened throughout the day. Challenge Accepted.

Reverse Gratitude: It’s a thing, right?

I picked up the newspaper and started reading "It's in Times of Adversity When Gratitude Shows Up," written by John Nagy about the recent loss of his mother. As the messages between the lines revealed themselves, I felt compelled to put the paper back down because, well, why did it feel like Nagy was speaking directly to me?!?

Adult Hobbies (not that kind)

I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting in a therapist’s office in silence for a perceived eternity as I flew through my mental file cabinet trying to answer her simple question.  Why can’t I answer this???  It should have been a simple question, anyway. For most people, it probably was a very simple question.  … Continue reading Adult Hobbies (not that kind)